Mixed Clamp

V-shaped Clamps for air tanks

STANDARD U in electrogalvanised steel with an 800-micron black Polyamide coating. M10 thread.
COMPOSITE support that you can buy on its own (individually) or in KIT format with STANDARD U.
Just Support Ref. = COMPOSITE Support sold on its own individually.
KIT Ref. = 2 STANDARD U + 2 COMPOSITE Supports + 4 Nylstop M10 nuts.
Nylstop M10 nuts. Bag of 4 Nylstop M10 nuts, ALK Ref. = 78.000.00.
This bag can be sold on its own but is automatically included in all our KITS.

References available for different tank diameter.see the ref

Mixed Clamps

Black-coloured “Polyamide” 6 support with 30% fibreglass strengthening.
Is fitted instead of a “Standard” steel support, type (see details on page 6), they have the same space requirement dimensions.
Due to its composition, this composite support can come directly into contact with the tanks and comply with standard 87/404/CE.
This support enables a substantial weight saving in comparison to steel and prevents any corrosion over time.

References available for different tank diameter.see the ref

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