Regulations :

The order of 14 December 1989 pertaining to the application of directive 87/404/EC stipulates in article 11 – 2: The tank must be fixed to the vehicle by straps or clamps with none of their metal parts being in direct contact with the tank wall, so as to avoid any friction between this wall and any part of the vehicle. The tank must be suitably protected against impacts and spray from the road surface. ALK manufactures and sells clamps with a protection capable of avoiding any friction or direct contact with the tank casing.Our clamps are coated with Polyamide 11 or 12, Rubber or Rilsan. These materials have good resistance to hydrocarbons, oils, natural ageing, UV and low sensitivity to damp.

History :

A few years ago, manufacturers used foam strips between clamps and tanks. These products are tending to be discontinued, as the foam absorbs damp, salt in winter and causes corrosion spots on the tanks. These products have been replaced by more technical products: Polyamide, Rilsan, Rubber, which do not have these disadvantages. Paint is not allowed, as the coating thickness of around 50 microns is too thin and it dilutes with some products (e.g.: Diesel, Petrol); it also has poor resistance to friction.Polyamide, which is on some of our products, has an average thickness of 800 microns and rubber has an average thickness of 2 mm.

Salt Spray Test :

Products in the,,,,,,,,,, ranges have undergone salt spray tests in accordance with the ISO 9227 standard. These products have been tested for between 100 and 300 hours depending on the product ranges and have fulfilled these test requirements in every respect. At your request, for these product ranges, we can provide you with certificates in the form of “Test Reports” issued by a French industrial analysis laboratory.